"Dont forget about us"

Dont forget about us .....no you shouldn't, people behind the company can be one of the most important factors in a company's ethos. So here we are.

Welcome to you all.

Let me tell you all about us? Who? What? When? why? Let me explain. Here is some information about how we actually got here, and more.

We are a family based business with many years experience of living in Andalucia. After our own trials and tribulations we decided to form a company to help others and provide the information they need.

My experience was working for one of the largest real estates in Andalucia. I felt there was not the personal service that there should be. So after many years of working for them, we (that's my wife and I) decided to start ourselves with a very small team, to deliver the information and personal attention that you deserve.

We first came to the Costa Del Sol many years ago with our two children and two dogs, one a very large German Shepherd and the other.. well who knows. We travelled over in our American Day Van, which for those of you not sure what that is, A BIG American camper van. Sold everything in the UK and everything we owned was in that van. We had to learn fast, we could not speak Spanish between us, we needed accommodation, and to sort out the children's school.

Well what's different about us? We learnt the hard way, armed with very little information and knowledge which probably worked out the best way. Too many people wanted to show us different ways to get started, only to take money from us, little that we had.

So after a long road to where we are now, owners of a lovely villa in the mountains, we decided that we should tell others the successful way to succeed whether buying, renting, or just playing golf, this website is all about helping you!!!!! BUT without the charges and the pitfalls that we went through.

It is possible to find quality, but affordable property here in Andalucia despite all that is happening in this economic crunch time which we are all in, and a way to enjoy life, my best way is on the golf course. My wife now teaches horse riding for fun and relaxation.

Oh by the way we all can speak Spanish now, children are bi-lingual after putting them in a Spanish school and are progressing their education with flying colours. (dogs I'm sorry still only understand English).

Well have a look around the site and enjoy, you should find all that you need to know, if not, leave us a message or call.

Take care and "dont forget about us"


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