"The number one internet connection speed test"

The internet connection speed test is for you if you're wondering if you have a problem with speed, this will give you the answers.

Most service providers will say they provide "UPTO" a certain download speed, this is because they then cannot be liable when you are only getting a very low rate, but check it. Providers are obliged to give you a percentage of what they are offering.

You may find it has just slowed down, this can be the cause of two possibilities, one is you may have a limit of data download, or it can be you have unlimited, but when you reach a certain amount of download i.e 5 megabytes, instead of stopping the download completely the service provider will just slow you right down.

Which ever it is click on the Start the speed test button above for very accurate results for download and upload speed of your computer.

And good luck.

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