"Spanish weather Perfect here in Andalucia"

YoWindow.com Forecast by yr.no

The Spanish weather.....FANTASTIC of course....Andalucia southern Spain, can be the best in Europe. We do get the rain and wind and....well just the same as anywhere else but we get less of the bad and lots more of the brilliant yellow ball in the sky.

This region is far better than most out of all the regions in Spain because of the mini micro climate that we have because we are protected by the vast number of mountain ranges. This particularly provides excellent conditions all year round to the south, which is the Costa del Sol namely apt because the amount of sunshine that we have all year round, guarded between the mountain range and the sea.

Anyway to check out what its like today, which is very much localised, click on the link below, then make sure you put the local area you are looking for as it does vary a lot i.e. Sotogrande, Estepona, Malaga, Marbella.(change location)

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