"Cheap Hotel deals and Accomodation, looks like you could do with some"

"Otel" well that's how you say it in Spanish

Let cheap hotel deals save the day, here below is a summary of all types of hotels and other accommodation you can find in Andalucia.


Hotels are government regulated, number of stars equals the requirements. Vary in price from low quality to the real glam.


3 to 5 star the majority of which are restored historic monuments, castles, monasteries, convents or palaces.

Hostels and Pensiones

These are modest and usually family run, they are very good value for your money.


Again these are family run but usually more basic and in an older part of the town.


Spain has hundreds of registered sites for tents or caravan or both. They all provide the usual, toilets, showers, bars, restaurants etc.

N.B Off site camping is permitted but only with the landowners permission, not on the mountains or beaches.

Cave dwellings

Many caves are now used as places to stay, they usually keep an inside temperature of 17 degrees, are fully installed with electricity, water and toilets. Most are very comfortable, and are now a big tourist attraction. You can find many of these in Ronda accommodation.


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