"Andalucia the place to buy that perfect property and play golf all year round"

Whether it's to buy your dream home in Andalucia, play golf, or just relax on the beaches, you need look no further.

This website has been built for you, from people who live, work, and play here. From their experiences they will help you find your dream home or golf resort.

There is no other place like Andalucia to provide you with everything you need, exciting lifestyle to suit anyone who is single, a couple, or bringing up a family. You will find everything here.

Of course let's not forget the weather, everyone gets confused how many days of the year it is sunny, let's not argue how much, but just say it's a lot more than most, and with winter temperatures averaging 18 degrees C it's a fantastic all year round climate.

Fed up with all the sales jargon...... well we aim to give you just the information you need, and you decide what you want to do with it.

Making a decision to move or have a holiday home is a very difficult and a major decision in your life. Let's try and get it right first time.

If you love golf, well so do we, anything you need to know, you can find right here. If it's not, then just ask us and we will find it out for you.

Come on a golf tour, have fun with a large group or just the two of you, whatever the size, let us arrange the whole holiday for you.

One last thing is we keep being asked so many times when we have a client buying a property, "Wish I had a body for the beaches, do you know any places to go to for exercises and weight loss classes" so as you can see on the right there is some more info.... But more importantly just chill enjoy the weather and the lifestyle.

We apologize if when viewing any properties that you find they have already gone, but staying on top of 100's of property pages we don't always get notified the same day they get sold.

Enjoy the site and please leave your comments and questions you may have by clicking the contact us tab on the left, which will help us improve our site and help you and others find what you want.

Many thanks for visiting Andalucia Property and Golf.....

Have fun!!!


This is one major reason why we live here a sunset on one of our local beaches, just beautiful....

Dont forget about us
Dont forget about us, We are a family based business with many years experience in Andalucia
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Contact us for all the information you need when buying property in Andalucia
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